Medicine Woman

- The awakening of women-


The woman is the mother of all mankind. If the woman is asleep, her children cannot wake up because they receive education from her and she  is sleeping.

If she realized the big power she has with her own creative energy: fertility and abundance. Prosperity is full. She is cyclical renewal for the entire planet. And, the fundamental basis of all this is to learn to be a COSMIC MOTHER, and to do that a re-education, a de-programming mind it is necessary, so to speak, women need to re- collect the education that they have into their own genes and in order to do this, some  tools are needed.

The spiritual world, the shamanic work, the curanderita world offer to women different tools than will help us to heal, open, reconnect , transform and   allow the female energy to blossom.

Where are these tools?

This documentary is about showing these tools .

We must free the girl, her inner child. Releasing the woman, wife, mother and Goddess. And all in the same decision, in the same way, the same will and the same price.

Women are slaves of themselves. We must break free,and  deprogram this. Women should be free to be themselves   and for this to be normal in all society. Therefore it is necessary that they come together in groups, CIRCLES OF WOMEN. In ceremonies, because these circles, these rituals lift us, cleanse us, give us support.



Perform a global documentary that preserves and disseminates knowledge of medicine women from different parts of the world.

The documentary count of 5 parts and a final closing -a meeting-.

The documentary began at the Amazon and will be the support for the next documentaries.

Create the NGO Medicine women , a global NGO to support women looking for healing and that cannot afford it.

Healing the mother

Our mother is our first female model and is also the most powerful. We learn from our mothers what it means to be a woman, to know our bodies and care for them.

 The messages we receive from it on our body, whether positive or negative, define us and affect our future health. Only when we understand the true impact of the effect that the relationship with our mothers have in us can begin to heal and change our ways.

There is no other experience more important than our relationship with our mothers , is the first connection we have with earth us fetus. Each of us absorb and integrate into our being maternal feelings about being a woman, the knowledge of her body and her female processes, such as health care . Then we passed this information consciously or unconsciously to the next generation. Each child has his mother and all the women that existed before.



  • Amazon Women
  • Mountains Women
  • Sea Women
  • Desert Women
  • Forest Women
  • All together at the end in a big ceremony


Perform a search for amazon women healers of all ages.Interviews.Share knowledge (about plants, medicine, music, tradition, breeding, etc).Show the shamanic world, time to vindicate and show our female skills in the spirit world, so that women seeking  for medicine women can find them.

To provide collective healing to women worldwide.To share the knowledge of the holy grandmother through women


  • Create a spontaneous documentary for rescue the female vegetalista knowledge of amazon women.

  • Review documents with information about women healers of the Amazon.

  • Collect infromation about plants that cure infertility.

  • Collect information about the women, her cycles and ayahuasca and other plants.

  • Share of women living in the amazon.

  • Promote women's Amazons in their role as healers.

  • SUPPORT with sales and documentary presentations women  that need healing and economic support. Two documentaries: one for free diffusion that supports the main documentary bracket that will collect funds for healers were made.

  • By creating a documentary  NGO for  medical  support to women, in all its aspects, for heal the body, mind and spirit.

  • Getting the message of women healers about ayahuasca medicine to the world. The report was submitted to different universities, institutes, public places, museums in the world who want to receive the message.

  • SHOW  the role of medicine woman, recognizing the importance of their work.

  • Bring a message of hope and healing to the world's women, HEAL THE MOTHER


A worldwide organization that raises funds to help women with limited economic resources who need help to treat diseases of the body, the soul or mind.

Women who need to make retreats.

Throughout my life I found women suffering for different reasons, but no time or space to find healing. This creates infinitely more frustration for me. I had experience this pain and in that time I needed shelter and a place of healing I found by friends but there are many women who do not have this opportunity and need. We need it all, we must heal the woman to heal humanity.

This NGO will be comprised of women from different countries: CANADA, NORWAY, LATVIA, SWEDEN, PERU, ITALY, ENGLAND, NETHERLANDS

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