What we offer


-Because the change start in the inside-

Taita Inti is a spiritual project that provides different tools to people, in order to help them to OPEN and RECONNECT with theirs HEARTS . In other words EMPOWER PEOPLE to find the EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL AND mental BALANCE necessary to LIVE a HAPPY LIFE in HARMONY with themselves and with the environment.


When we find BALANCE, we RECONNECT with OUR HEARTS in all aspects of humanity , we AWAKE to a new way of life , a new form of consciousness and therefore we TRANSFORM into new human beings full of LOVE and LIGHT.


Currently we don't have a specific place for our work, what we do is travell with the ceremonies, we go where people would like to arrange a small group and have the place for it. If you are interested in known where we are doing our next ceremonies or if you want to arrange a group for your country



Please made sure you had read our


before taking a decision to participate in any of our events.