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TAITA INTI is a place to connect people.

It’s a place to create bridges between shamans.

It“s a place to share and gain collective growth.

In TAITA INTI we understand that for every person that awakens or heals it’s not just a healing of the individual that takes place but a healing and awakening for the entire collective of our planet.


We are aware of the COMPROMISE, COMMITMENT, and DISCIPLINE this path demands, and we RESPECT IT. In a spiritual path, a place where ego and competition should not take part in, but unfortunately exists.

TAITA INTI”s mission is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and CONNECT shamans with different backgrounds, stories, healing techniques and abilities and make them available for people in search of healing, knowledge or awakening.

It’s a place to share what the universe has shared with us. With the LOVE, COMPASSION, and UNDERSTANDING that every person that comes in as a whole universe and a powerful soul with the capacity of creating healing and miracles by themselves.

We are all just vessels for the great mystery and the power of light and love to work through us.