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THE DIET is a unique opportunity to cleanse, heal and continue learning.

It is a practice to PURIFY ourselves of all that we have accumulated.

The diet is a space to pause our lives to realize the things we carry, our blocks, our programs, traumas, emotions, and thoughts to continue growing and developing.

DIET is to the shamans of the Peruvian Amazon what YOGA and MEDITATION are to the Indians.

The DIET is the initiation to the spiritual path and the practice of SELF-knowledge and SELF-DISCOVERY.

To start a new year with this type of practice is to work on ourselves to create a better year, a better life where we can manifest everything we always dreamed of, and all start from within.




To keep encouraging people in their spiritual journeys, TAITA INTI is starting to offer educational programs that will give people the necessary understanding of how plants' spirits work and how to heal with the plants.

The Amazonian Healing Traditions work differently from western or modern medicine. They required time, patience, and opening from the mind and the heart to get the most of their benefits.

Plants show us the way back to simplicity, humbleness, and Love, teaching us how to be in the Now.

Sacred Plants, like Ayahuasca, have become very popular, but they only represent 0.5 % of the knowledge of the Amazon and of what its people can offer to the world.

Ayahuasca by itself cannot help in the healing of everything. It shows us the way and allows us to see the reality of what we are creating in our lives so we can begin to change.

Like in modern medicine, some doctors have their specializations among the plants we have the Master Plants; they are specialists when we need to work on specific issues like opening the heart or getting out of our heads.

Curanderos from the Amazon know that all our problems begin in our energy, and when our energy is blocked, dirty, or disrupted, it is then when our problems start to arise on all levels.

This retreat is directed to committed and honest people with their spiritual journey. 

This program is being settled with theory and practice for a better understanding of the participant and to learn practical tools to use in daily life.

Our goals for our participants are :

  • To clean and balance their energies.
  • To work on emotional and mental programs, identify emotions, and know where they come from and what they have to say to us.
  • Let go of fears.
  • Build up confidence and self-love.
  • Reconnect with the creator and higher self.
  • To learn how to Work their anger.
  • Establish spiritual and energetic connections with plants, spirits, and their divine light and wisdom. 

By the end of the DIETA, participants will be able to :

  • Be aware of their energy and the different changes in it.
  • Know how to clean and protect their energy.
  • Learn how to connect with the spirits of the plants.
  • Work with emotions and thoughts.
  • Navigate protected in the astral planes where the plants bring us.
  • Identify blockages in the energy centers known as chakras.
  • Identify different kinds of energies.


The practice of LA DIETA  is a HUMBLING EXPERIENCE. It is the most profound practice of traditional Amazonian medicine, more potent and more effective than ayahuasca itself, and necessary when taking ayahuasca to reinforce its effect.

There are many misunderstandings about what a MASTER PLANTS DIETA is. On the one hand, we have the DIET to attend an Ayahuasca Retreat, which implies a change in the daily diet to receive the best results from Ayahuasca. On the other hand, we have the DIETA WITH MASTER PLANTS as an "ANCIENT SACRED PRACTICE" of the Amazonian indigenous healers.

This practice is considered the training that Amazonian shamans undergo to work with Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants. They do it for several years before they can hold any plant medicine ceremonies or give any plant for DIETA. During LA DIETA, curanderos receive their IKAROS or HEALING SONGS used during ceremonies.

The Retreat/Diet is suitable for anyone who is at a crucial moment in their life, who needs to make decisions, overcome some emotional, spiritual, or energetic blockage, or who wants to embark on a path of personal development.



    • During the DIETA, a process of cleansing the different parts of our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic being together with an in-depth, introspective process takes place in our being. Layer by layer, we start to peel ourselves through thought, emotion by emotion, resistance by resistance, and fear by fear. We begin to see deeper and deeper. We disconnect from everything that has been disconnecting us little by little reconnect. We start to listen to ourselves. We begin to feel and discover ourselves again.

    • The issues addressed in LA DIETA may include events of vital importance for each person that are very intimate and strongly connected with blockages and traumas. In this SACRED practice, a special contact with nature and the inner self is created and thus dedicated to a physical and energetic depuration that eliminates toxic food and other substances that block sensibility. This process allows to expand perception, re-connect with repressed emotions, cleanse and strengthen the body, and connect with the holy dimension of life. It favors dream production, remembrance of past situations and experiences that weren’t well-processed and deep introspection. 

    • A dieta is a time of introspection. Nowadays, the influence of modern civilization has also impacted the sacred practice of LA DIETA. The practice of la dieta is not about comfort or being comfortable but the opposite. It is about being out of our comfort zone and letting the uncomfortable parts of us seem to work to understand WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE CARRY, HOW WE FUNCTION, and what PROGRAMS ARE RUNNING OUR LIVES.

    • DETOX from electromagnetic fields that are affecting our energy fields negatively. The use of electronics is forbidden during the dieta. It is essential to go back to our natural vibrational state, and for this, we need the help and vibrant energies of mother nature. DIETA ALWAYS TAKES PLACE in nature.

    • Under the supervision of our team of healers, the participants must follow certain physical and psychological norms and a special food diet. Meals are light, without salt, they mainly consist of a portion of rice and oats with boiled green bananas and without any se


    Cellphones and electronics will not be allowed during the dieta.

    Your phones will be taken for safekeeping by the facilitators. If you, for whatever reason, really need your phone, you will have to talk to the facilitator. If you cannot be in SILENCE, please do not take part in this event.

    It is essential in this process to be in silence and to be able to listen to our inner voices.

    We will have sharing circles and time for individual talks.


    Retreat/Diet - Conditions

    The diet is an important work involving the inner self and only gives a good result if people accept the commitment to follow some simple rules. Failure to respect these rules can nullify the effect of plants but also result in energy crossings ("cruzadera") with serious physical, mental and spiritual consequences. It is a process that requires an assumption of responsibility.

    The first thing to do in a diet is a purge session.

    The diet starts with an ayahuasca session. There are no ayahuasca sessions after the diet since it is necessary to process the material that has arisen, and experience proves that it is not helpful.

    The diet is followed by a post-diet process as important as the diet itself. It involves dietary rules and restrictions for a minimum of 2 weeks and one month of sexual abstinence after the end of the diet. This is the necessary time for the assimilation and integration of the energy of the plants incorporated during the diet. Undertaking the diet involves committing to those recommendations that are mandatory. Failing to follow them can lead to energetic complications with physical, mental, or spiritual manifestations.

    What you can / cannot bring with you.

    During the Retreat/Diet, it’s recommended to use any beauty or cleaning products (soap, perfume, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, repellent, essential oils, etc.) since the slightest smell can seriously affect the energy work. This includes all the products that can have an odor like oils, nail polish, candles, incense, etc. You will only have water and a special soap made for the occasion at your disposal. Other items that you cannot bring with you are music equipment, radio, cellphone, watch, money, or personal documents.

    TAITA INTI shall not be held responsible for the loss or deterioration of valuables you take to the retreat.

    You should bring cotton clothes, a towel, a coat, a flashlight and spare batteries, 2 or 3 books and a notebook to write or draw. Extra food in addition to the one proposed by the Center is not allowed. Please bring white or light-colored clothes for the ayahuasca ceremony.

    We will provide you with:  sheets, a blanket, pillowcase, mineral water, perfume-free soap, toilet paper, a mosquito net for the bed, and a hammock.

    Rules to observe during the diet

    • Avoid sudden temperature changes (exposure to sun or rain).
    • Any contact with other participants in the diet is forbidden; you will only have contact with  TAITA INTI team.
    • Walks far from the FARM are not allowed.
    • Please do not touch any wild animals or try to scare them.
    • Baths in the river should be briefs (plunging in the water 3 or 4 times). Another option is to shower with a pitcher of water. Always avoid getting cold.
    • Maintain a calm and peaceful rhythm, and avoid intense activities (such as extended meditation, physical exercises, and compulsive prayer.)
    • Masturbation or any sexual stimulation IS NOT allowed during this process as the orgasm is a way to release energy and whit it the energy of the plants you are working with.

    Post-Diet Process

    • During the first two weeks after the diet cut (end of the diet), you must avoid any sweet or sugary food or drink, including natural products (fruits, honey, etc.). This does not include carbohydrates or slow sugars (unsweetened bread, flour, noodles, cassava, etc.). You will be given a document stating prohibited products, those tolerated but not recommended, and those recommended.
    • Avoid any frozen food and beverage.
    • For 15 days after the end of the diet, do not consume alcohol or drugs, do not eat pork meat and its derivatives, and avoid any spicy food (especially chili).
    • Avoid any sexual intercourse, including masturbation, for one month after the end of the diet.
    • These are the indications to follow for a minimum post-diet period, but if you wish you can extend it for a longer time according to your convenience, this way the plants will continue working inside your body.
    • It is recommended to avoid performing any therapeutic intervention (except in case of emergency) during the post-diet process. This includes massages, dental cures, or energy-related interventions.
    • It is recommended to avoid the intake of any psychoactive plant during the 3 months that follow the diet, this includes intakes of ayahuasca.




    Our Plant Medicine House is located 30 minutes outside Tarapoto City in Peru, in the lovely village of Cunumbuque.

    We recommend buying tickets separately from Lima to Tarapoto (your final destination). We will pick you up from the airport if your hotel does not offer this service. CHECK 

    www. momondo.com

    We recomend arriving two days before to acclimatize and land in the energy of the country. As well we advise staying some extra days to settle down before taking a long flight. 


    Extra nights before and after the event are covered by the participants.


    We will PICK UP all participants from PLAZA DE ARMAS of TARAPOTO.


    11 AM




    The vaccine is not mandatory just a PCR TEST of 48h.


    15 DAYS


    2023 JANUARY 06TH TO 20TH



    1800 EUR - Full Month DIETA

    Early bird  1500 EU

    This price includes:

    1. Intake of purge and vomiting plant.
    2. Participation in 08 ceremonies. To join all the ceremonies is not mandatory. The CURANDEROS will be checking every participant's mental and physical condition before participating in any of the programmed ceremonies.
    3. A 15 days Retreat/Diet in the PLANT MEDICINE HOUSE FARMM, LOCATED in the beautiful village of CUNUMBUQUE, with the daily intake of a master plant, assigned by the curanderos.
    4. The minimum of plants that will be intake during the dieta will be of 02, the plants will be given by the shamans as the program is unfolding. We are working individually with each participant.
    5.  SCHEDULED  PRIVATE TALKS with the curanderos.
    6. Accommodation and Food
    7. Flowers Baths and  Shipibo Sauna with Medicine Plants
    8. PICK UP AND DROP FROM AND TO AIRPORT if you arrive on the same day of the retreat. MEETING POINT - Tarapoto PLAZA DE ARMAS
    9. Laundry
    10. 02 Relaxing Healing massage sessions 

    On the days before and after the diet, the participants will arrange and pay for their accommodation and meals.

    When the diet cut is performed, accommodation and meals are provided by Taita Inti.

    Taita Inti can recommend cheap accommodation in hotels in TARAPOTO CITY. SUCH 







    Day 1,


    - Preparing us-

    Arrival until midday

    1 pm


    Introduction and Landing to the Space

    Information will be given as people arrive

    3 pm

    Talk about the Process of the Dieta

    Class about Flower Baths and



    How to Prepare Flower Baths and Tobacco Purges

    6 PM Flower

    Bath activity

    7 PM


    Day 2,

    - Cleaning our Energies-

    8 am - Tobacco Purge

    Drum Journey

    12 - Lunch

    1 pm - Sharing Circle

    5 pm - Flower Bath

    8 pm - Aya Ceremony (Dieta Opening)

    Day 3,

    - Meeting with the Master PLants -

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    2 pm - Sharing Circle

    8 pm - Aya Ceremony

    Day 4,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    2 pm - Sharing Circle

    5 pm - Dinner

    6 pm - Lecture



    8 pm - Master Plant

    Day 5,

    - San Pedro Day -

    08 am - Master Plant

    10 am - San Pedro ceremony

    4 pm - Dieta Meal

    7 pm - Ceremony Closing

    Day 6,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    5 pm - Dinner

    7 pm - Master Plant

    Day 6,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    5 pm - Dinner

    6 pm - Lecture AYAHUASCA VISIONS

    Homework: Painting our visions

    8 pm - Master Plant

    Day 7,

    08 am - Master Plant

    10 am - Second San Pedro

    4 pm - Dieta Meal

    7 pm - Ceremony Closing

    Day 8,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    2 pm - Sharing Circle

    5 pm - Aya Ceremony

    Day 9,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    2 pm - Sharing Circle

    5 pm - Aya Ceremony

    Day 10,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    2 pm - Sharing Circle

    5 pm - Dinner


    8 pm - Master Plant

    Day 11,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    5 pm - Dinner

    7 pm - Master Plant

    Day 12,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    5 pm - Dinner

    7 pm - Master Plant

    Day 13,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    2 pm - Sharing Circle

    5 pm - Aya Ceremony and

    dieta Closing

    Day 14,

    8 am - Master Plant

    1 pm - Lunch

    2 pm - Sharing Circle

    5 pm - Aya Ceremony

    Day 15,

    8 am - Cut off dieta followed by Gratitude Meditation

    10 am - Breakfast

    1 pm - Lunch

    7 pm - Dinner

    *You have time to go out to town this day!






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