Private Ceremonies

 Private Ceremonies

-Because the change start in the inside-

Welcome !

This offering for people that would like to experience a more individual work, at the same time this is A BIG OPPORTUNITY to allow yourself to go as deep as you can with the guidance and exclusive attention of the curandero to you and your journey. 

These ceremonies usually are stronger experiences than the group ceremonies because there are fewer interruptions, distractions and because all the energy of the shaman, singing, Ikaros, healing is directed just to you.

We recommend private ceremonies to people with several health issues that make travel difficult. People with social anxiety. People way sensitive to other people's energies and for all those whom are looking for a deeper journey.


Check our medical Advice to see if you qualify for  attend a ceremony .


1000 EUR

02 private ceremonies

Includes / 01 Flower Plant Cleansing Bath before the first ceremony, Food and the two ceremonies.


The price covers our travelling fees inside STOCKHOLM and surroundings.

For ceremonies outside STOCKHOLM we ask for 02 more participants to join you, otherwise come to STOCKHOLM and we help to find a place where we can have a private event.

You are also responsible for helping us with accommodation for the days we will spend with you.

Price does not include the PLACE where the ceremony(is) will behold. Is it the responsibility of the person interested in this event to find a suitable place with the guidelines we will give you.

If you want our help to find a place, you need to let us know with enough time, and you will cover the cost of the place.

NOTE> If you want us to go to your country you will need to cover our tickets and help with accommodation. We include our food.



Ayahuasca Ceremonies requires a calm place INDOORS,  surrounded by nature, no neighbours preferable.

It's important to   HAVE A PLACE  like a cabin where we can hold the ceremony since this is just for you, we give you the opportunity to do it at home in a comfortable environment.

If you do not have a place that suits the requirements a place you need to find an AIRBNB place or ask your friends if you cannot find a place we can help you with it but this will add an extra cost to yourself. We do not have a situation where to offer, yet therefore we can go where you want us.

There is a possibility of having this ceremony for just yourself or with 02 more people  MAX.

We always recommend to attend two ceremonies for different reasons, but you can also have ONE SINGLE CEREMONY for 500 EUR.

Tobacco Purge will be avaible as well with extra price of  60 EUR.


Legal Status

Even though DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) is a controlled substance, no plant or concoction with plants that contain DMT, including ayahuasca, are currently under international control. The institution in charge of the prohibition of drugs on international level is the INCB (International Narcotics Control Board). Ayahuasca is not found on the lists of controlled substances of the INCB. Moreover, the INCB itself has explicitly expressed that ayahuasca is not a controlled substance, making ayahuasca technically only a prohibited substance in those countries where national legislation defines it as such.

The only country where ayahuasca is explicitly prohibited is France. According to international law, ayahuasca is not considered to be an illegal drug from a judicial point of view. In spite of these clear directions of the INCB, various arrests related to the importation and distribution of ayahuasca has taken place in various countries, as the police and courts act based on the presumption that this is a crime. In various court cases of ayahuasca churches, the judges dismissed the directions of the INCB regarding ayahuasca’s legal status. It is very important to be properly informed about the risks and legal consequences that are related to participating in the trade and use of ayahuasca.

The same laws applies for  San Pedro and mescaline contains naturally, there is not law agaisnt San Pedro.

Kambo is legal in all the countries.