Dan is a Shaman in training. For the last 6 years he has been working with plant medicine. Like many, his journey started with the intention to heal himself from ansestral conditionings, childhood wounds and to gain a deeper understanding about his existence and meaning.

The question 'who am I'? led, and still leading him, on the path to not only heal himself but also to assist and help others in their journeys and processes to heal. 

Dan has a background in psychology, he is a certified Zen coach and is influenced by buddism, taoism and tantra. He is well aware of the mental, emotional and spiritual processes we go through working with the medicine.

The integration process and how to use the experience, insights, and lessons learned by the medicine is something Dan finds essential. 

"The medicine is a tool; what we are able to recieve and integrate is decisive to one's steps in the healing process. For that we need to be honest, loving and accepting of ourselves when we work with the medicine".

After more than 3 months of dieta in Peru Dan has been granted, by his teachers, permission to conduct his own ceremonies. With that comes great responsibility which he doesn't take lightly. 

"It's was privilege to be told by my maestros that I now am ready and able to, and should, organize my own ceremonies".