As an international shaman and healer

who for over 25 years has had the honor and privilege to sit and learn from some of the world’s leading elders, shaman,medicine men and women from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Tibet,Peru & Uruguay his work can vary when needed.

His work includes; Spirit extraction, Exorcism,

Energetic Alignment, Working with Hara, Soul Retrieval, Deeper psychological work with Soul Flight, Spiritual Counseling, Healing in one to one sessions and leading plant medicine ceremonies with San Pedro and Mushrooms as well as supporting work in Ayahuasca ceremony and leads workshops that provide instruction to learn practical techniques for self-maintenance and bringing one’s body intelligence to the forefront.

As a child I knew there was  something  around  me,  but  l could not see it. As I grew older this fascination continued to grow to the point that l began to actively seek it out.  A great  memory  is  from  the  age  of  14,  sitting  on  my  parent’s front porch in the Australian sun. I began  reading  a small book on Eastern philosophy and mindfulness.

The pages began revealing secrets which started igniting a passion that still burns strongly 35 years later.

Through the following decades from that point my life began to unfold in a mysterious and wonderful way. I was seeking that invisible world in a tangible way, to find truths and validations that there is more than what can be seen, heard or touched

Life became very interesting to say the least. Finding myself on all these crazy adventures. Such as climbing spiritual mountains barefoot in the dark, sitting with  aboriginal elders hearing stories  of  dreamtime,  standing stomach deep in water with Maori shaman learning the power of prayer to nature spirit, dreaming about an American Indian dressed in a cowboy suit standing next to a very powerful light source. Then meeting him in waking life and finding out he was an Apache shaman who introduced me to his “mountain spirits”.

As well finding myself in sacred sites, such as Uluru (Ayres Rock) in Australia, the mounds, barrows and stone circles of  Europe,  along with being in the Amazon jungle  and  the Andes. The next continuing steps in not only education but also in my own healing  have been a humbling experience that connects me to the beauty and wonder of life.


Life has blessed me with connections to elders, shamen, medicine men & women, martial art masters along side my own study of Buddhism, modalities of healing and esoteric subjects.

The world has become rich in experience and magical. The connection to the Divine deeply manifested in my heart and those truths have become foundations that which

my life is built upon.


The real turning point however was being told by a shaman  that  the  gifts  l had  received were no longer only just for me, l had to start giving them to others. The responsibility of providing  guidance  and   healing  was   placed in my hands which l took to the depths of my spirit. It became very clear that a major part of my life would be dedicated to service and helping others regain the quality of life that

get lost in times of turmoil.


A major principle of my life is unless l can practically apply my knowledge right here, right now it isn’t worth anything. So, my work is practical on every level  and  my  guidance the same. It needs to be tangible and not just talking about abstract concepts. It needs to have a place in the physical world.


“Darryl’s work gave me deeper insight and more practical knowledge in how I can go about grounding myself and dropping down into my Dan Tien, a level of awareness that supports and goes beyond the heart and mind. The instructions for the work were very clear and practically oriented, which is a must when it comes to working with aspects of your body that may be seemingly ambiguous to many people. There has definitively occurred a lasting shift in my consciousness as a result of Resonant Life techniques and Darryl is on task when it comes to guiding people towards awakening their awareness in this vital centre of the body. A centre which undoubtedly is a missing link in the west today.”



Marc Roque Hanell

 Licensed Psychologist (Sweden)



"When  I  first  came  to  Darryl  in  2016,  I  was  in a vary bad condition, suffering from anxiety and depression caused by Lyme disease.

After the session, which was two hours, I felt calmer and very tired. I went home and slept for many hours. When I woke up everything was calm. It was as if  years of  horrors had been lifted off me. I continued to see Darryl once a month, and  it  helped me  an immensely. I learnt how to do soul flight and connect with healing powers. It  totally changed my perception of reality. I now work with mindfulness and it is beautiful to see the world as it is,  being  connected to  the elements and nature. I recommend doing a session with Darryl. I have worked with him both at his clinic and remotely over Skype.

Remote sessions are a beautiful experience that have given me very deep experiences."


Mikael  Kindborg  

Sweden  2018

"Darryl the shaman of the grandfather and the children. I am very grateful for his amazing  work.  He  helped  me  a lot to cleanse and get rid of some  old energies that showed up in the last weekend retreat with Taita Inti. He has a beautiful spirit; he is very loving and grounded. His words and songs in ceremony went deep into my heart and guided me trough the journey. When Darryl plays the drum, the  energy  is BAM! Oh boy. He is very humble and uplifting with deep wisdom and connection to  the  work  he  is  doing. I will continue to work with Darryl, as he does also distance sessions. And don’t miss  his  posts on  Facebook. (Threeworlds Shamanic Healing) They

make you laugh for sure."


Laura  Caputo 

Switzerland  2019



A one to one session involves me working to clear and balance the energetic bodies (chakra system) back into alignment and getting things to flow again. I work to straighten the 5th dimensional Hara line to set the rest of the session in good order. Working with my Master plant ally San Pedro the next step is working with the tools l have been given by Pedro.


This healing is a strong part of the session that takes away heaviness and replaces with a strong calming energy. It re-aligns and resets the body heart and mind. Any extraction or banishment that may be required is performed. Deeper issues are then addressed so that the root causes of issues are accessed and able to be released in a safe and calm manner. This is done with my SoulFlight journey work.


All change will then take root and be sealed in so that the desired quality of life improves. Any counselling or advice from Spirit is communicated and if the client needs any plant medicines then information of what and how to access the required plants is shared. There will be definite change take place that is instantly noticed.





Shamanic work is renowned for being done over distance. This work is as effective by distance as it is in person. These sessions involve involves me working to clear and balance the energetic bodies (chakra system) back into alignment and getting things to flow again. I work to straighten the 5th dimensional Hara line to set the rest of the session in good order.


Working with my Master plant ally San Pedro the next step is working with the tools l have been given by Pedro. This healing is a strong part of the session that takes away heaviness and replaces with a strong calming energy. It re-aligns and resets the body heart and mind the same structure for the session is the same as in the as in the clinic.


An added component to this session can be a card reading that offers a great overview of where you are coming from to where you are headed. It also offers insight into your greatest challenges and best outcomes with your best strengths you have to get where you need to be.




This can also be done as 2 hrs over 2 days a week for 4 weeks.


Would you like to find the easiest way to be back in your body?


Sometimes life can feel like it is treading on our toes. The Resonant Life technique will help change that feeling by being a true foundation for peaceful living. These easy  to  learn  techniques  have the quality of inner achievement that flows as mastery over life’s challenges when needed at crucial moments. Based on the teachings of Hara, Resonant Life can be practised at any moment  during everyday activities resulting in joyful and efficient way of living. This secret of the East leads to a happy state  of  mind  by  creating  a balanced body/mind connection. Gradually becoming new habits Resonant Life will put you in touch with feelings through the body, producing a calmer mind and generally adding to your wellbeing.

Introduced in the  workshop are  the  foundation exercises of Resonant Life, along with the three types of awareness which, when understood, will unlock a personal well-spring of potential that is effective in  engaging  with  life  on  a very deep level. Participants will learn simple yet effective techniques that lead to a greater sense of wholeness and inner stability. Through discussion, and instruction of practical techniques, participants will be introduced  to their true source of power.


By the end of the workshop all participants will have experienced a secret held in the  highest  regard  and sought by many Westerners who travel to the East seeking the perfect state. Professionals and athletes  often  label this awareness as being “in the zone” With Resonant Life it is felt as though a door to an innate creativity has been unlocked whilst opening the door to a place where inner chatter is silenced, emotions are calm and self-assurance resonates from your being.


Available as a 1 day workshop


Do you want to understand the deeper secrets of  who you are?


Would you like  a  greater degree of  control over  your life and the ability to heal blocks and wounds that you may not yet even be aware of? Unlock the fundamental energy centres and get what you want out of life!


Inner Success – back to the body is relevant practical spirituality. By the end of the day  you  will have experienced  in a very tangible  way  what most workshops or teachers offer as abstract information.

  • How to clear your aura  and  balance  your  chakra system without the need of any tools.
  • How to alignandmaintainthevery important  part  of your energy system that is not taugh to penly these
  • How to access and connect to your  body  intelligence for a greater ease of living that  gets  you  out  of  your head and back into your

For beginners to the experienced, this day offers a solid foundation for all spiritual practices.


These sessions are unique and very powerful in helping alleviate the suffering of psychological, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.


Agneta and Darryl work in tandem with the body on all levels to clear and release blockages caused by trauma. The work is gentle and does not require the client to re-live anything bad. There is a clearing of mental, emotional and physical issues so that a release through the body of these issues, which can sometimes haunt or hold a person back, are dealt with in a very gentle and safe manner.


With a combined experience of over 50 years, any client is in good hands.There have been some incredible sessions from this work and Agneta Carlsson & l both consider this work to be very worthwhile to not only the clients state of being but to all relationships in their lives. It is a real life-changing experience that clears the way for future growth and transformation.




Monthly Sessions are the greatest vehicle for very deep change. The support and the work offered over time can make a very big difference. With the continued support, the client is not only able to retain the energetic balance for longer periods but is also able to go deeper into issues than just a one-off encounter when things feel bad. It is a real commitment to one’s healing process that will bring about a greater sense of being. With a month to month session, there also comes a mentoring aspect. These sessions are a way to make profound changes in the quality of life that we seek. Monthly sessions also have a discounted price due to the commitment undertaken.





Soulflight is available with one to one sessions, workshops or with groups.

Soulflight or shamanic journeying is one the earliest recorded spiritual practices that dates back tens of thousands of years. The fact that it has  survived, and  is still strong after all this time, shows the potency of the technique.


Soulflight is a shamanic practice and a joyful path to regaining the knowledge of how to bring our lives back into a place of harmony and balance. It is used to find answers to personal questions, to receive healing, to achieve well being and to bring real change into our lives. It is also way to work with the subconscious in a conscious manner to become empowered and resourceful.


One of the beautiful aspects of journey work is that it helps us to part the veils between the seen and unseen worlds  and  access  information and  energies  that can help awaken us and restore a wholeness to our lives not imagined.


As a single evening it is possible to experience a life changing moment never forgotten. As a workshop set of 4 sessions over a weekend intensive, or a 4 times in  a  week  or  1  times  a  week  for  a  month  (1-  The  learning  2-  The  doing  3-  The healing 4- The  transforming) all  participants are  experienced enough  and  thus are then able to do it for themselves.


l have found this modality a powerful tool of change for  myself and  others. As  l say often; “SoulFlight is the most fun one can have laying down with clothes on.” When it comes to deep psychological work. It is exciting, mysterious and  a practical technique to healing the wounds that may not always be seen.