Gulê Akman

Hypnotherapy & Kinesthetic Body/Mind Therapy

Preparatory- and Integrative sessions

Gulê offers sessions in preparation for - and integration of plant medicine ceremonies and courses. Her focus is on hypnotherapy, all while providing a range of kinaesthetic body/mind techniques to be able to meet the individual needs of clients. People seek her for a variety of issues such as addictions, emotional disruption and patterns, trauma healing, relationship issues, fears, spiritual processes etc.


She was born in Kurdistan and at an early age came to Sweden. She has also had the opportunity to work & study in a range of countries and professions as teacher, translator, waitress, manager etc. Today she is living between Bali, Indonesia and Sweden. She is naturally curious, loves learning, and sees problems as creative challenges. The practices of nurturing self and others, surfing and being a loving playful aunt to her nieces and nephews are close to her heart. In her eyes, coming back to the lightness, playfulness and curiosity as kids have, and that we all still have within us, that’s part of the healing process itself.


Gulê is very compassionate and caring about what she is facilitating where love is the key to for magic to happen where you least expect it. She understands the need for feeling safe and trust in the healing process in order for one to really be able to open up and meet what needs to be processed. Her work is built on the foundation that all is welcome, there is no right nor wrong, and that the issues we are experiencing in our lives may be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual are symptoms of underlying hurt, fear or lack of a form. Thus, her practice with clients is to find, release and heal the root cause of an issue, in order to create lifelong changes. This process is always taken with a loving judgement free approach.




"The Love in you is longing for you to find your way back home"

Her own interest in wellbeing and our inner world started early as a direct result of her own turbulent childhood, being a child refugee among the many things. This gave her a first-hand know of how our experiences can create obstacles and sufferings as one continues in life. Thankfully her conviction that she wasn’t supposed to feel the distress she did led her to search. That search has taken her to where she is today, living, enjoying and gratefully guiding others to live a life in balans with their dreams and wishes. She operates from the mindset that living fully and authentically is available to us all.


I cannot recommend enough this beautiful and nourishing hypnotherapy experience with Gule, it helps me tons daily, understanding and embracing “the why '' of each step I went through in this journey. All my gratitude to this beautiful soul who made me feel safe during the sessions and encouraged me to discover a bunch of blessings of my special gift, transforming my thinking from “big issue” to huge blessing! Thank you so much Gule! - 



I had 2 sessions with Gule to address certain issues that have built up over a tumultuous decade of my life living somewhere I wasn't happy in. I normally wouldn't talk about these issues but the safe space Gule provided me allowed for issues to come to light and be addressed. Gule's guiding meditation and soothing voice eased my worries in being so vulnerable to another. I saw pictures of a life before, memories of joyful times that I had forgotten and needed to help me heal. I wish to have more sessions to melt away more of the walls I had built to survive.

Thank you for letting me cry and wash away the hurt and harm I didn't need anymore. Thank you for allowing me to feel what I needed to feel. Thank you for providing me a safe space to do so.”

The second session I received from Gule we went on a deep dive inner journey where she was able to bring me in such an expanded state of awareness, that I could see the whole universe inside of myself, just like you would see the universe. It was a deeply soothing and expanded journey through the universe inside of myself. As above, so below, so within, so without.” - 




Hypnotherapy: Dynamic Emotional Therapy, Traditional Hypnotherapy, R2C, & Spiritual Processes.

EFT & other Kinesthetic Body/Mind Techniques



Preparation sessions


* Explore & clarify your intention and release any expectations for the plant ceremonies.


* Work through any hesitation or reservation you might have, and through this to understand if it’s a healthy respect for the power of the plants or actual resistance to them.


* Help process and release fear, control, worry, or other resisting issues as to deeper experience the plant medicine journey.


* Cleanse and prepare your mind and body as to deeper take in the teachings and healing with the plant medicines.




Integrative Sessions


* Embody the meaning from your visions and insights within and into your daily life.


* Create a daily practice of cleansing, balancing, and grounding.


* Make sense of the powerful experience and apply the teachings the plants provide.


* Clarify what you seek to heal or grow in your life.


* Navigate and deconstruct the shadow pieces that might arise in the aftermath of the ceremony.


* As plant medicine may bring up to the surface deeply rooted subconscious material, this process is to release and heal any overwhelming experiences or residues of them.



Gule offers individual- and group sessions.


Hypnotherapy fees for Taita Inti‘s clients

*** Dynamic Emotional Therapy ~120 min 

Single Session: 1 400 sek,
Package of 3 hypnotherapy sessions and 2 follow up meetings: 5 000 sek


*** Substance Addictions ~150 min

Single session: 1800 sek
Package of 3 hypnotherapy sessions and 2 follow up meetings: 6300


*** Spiritual Processes ~ 3 hours

Single Session: 2 200 sek
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