Psychic and Clairvoyant

Au Mayari is a natural born psychic and clairvoyant. She started healing at the age of 6 years old and was introduced to tarot card reading by her great grandmother at the age of 8.

She shunned all these gifts growing up only to embrace it after abandoning the quest to be a doctor when she graduated Public Health in the University. She started her training in Pranic Healing in 2002.

She sought guidance and mentorship from different teachers and organizations which were hidden and taboo at that time. She discovered her own formula of developing her abilities and started teaching it to a paranormal group in the Philippines in 2006.

At the same time, she also started organizing events bringing together spiritual groups together in her restaurant, Resto Eklektik. This connected her with the premier group in the Philippines that delved into these practices in her country at the time – The Spirit Questors of Manila.

She formally joined and trained with this group in 2008 and gained lots of experiences in mediumship and paranormal investigations by giving free assistance to families who needed help in issues that were deemed unexplainable and unresolvable by science.

When the Spirit Questors dissolved in 2012, they founded the Esoteric Society of the Philippines. to continue the advocacy of providing free services with the use of their psychic abilities and talents under the tenets of Unconditional Love and Harmonious Co-existence. A Divine feminine energy spoke to her in her dream which prompted her to then create the group, Philippine Academy of Intuitives, aiming to teach the ways or “technology” of the Spirit such that people may be able to and integrate it in their everyday lives. 

She taught Intuitive Development and Tarot Reading under this school. She also established her the first love & relationship coaching practice dubbed as Love Happy, Inc. after getting licensed as a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner by Mind Transformations in Singapore. In this she was able to craft a unique workshop designed for singles in search for their Divine Soul Mates entitled, Co-author Your Next Love Story that ran successfully since 2013 up to now.

Au Mayari has been giving readings pro-bono since she first started to learn it. In 2014, she officially adopted this as a profession together with her love coaching practice in different wellness centers in her country. In these centers, she got to meet and learn from more readers, healers and teachers local and abroad. She found a new passion in bringing people together for spiritual events, workshops, healing clinics, and courses. She quickly gained local media following and found herself invited in television and radio shows in her country. Using this leverage, she also worked on getting other practitioners get media exposure for them to be able to connect to the people they can teach and serve.

Darkness came in 2015 when her husband died of a sudden illness. In the midst of grief, she found herself in situations where she needed to counsel individuals coping with the loss of their loved ones as well. These sessions made her realize that she must continue living. On that fateful day of realization, a sudden gush of wind blew on her face and whispered an incomprehensible word.

Googling it resulted to the word “Ayahuasca” as the top search result. She knew it was a message from the Spirits. From them on, she followed this path and found herself organizing the Ayahuasca Retreats in the Philippines where she met Naysha.

Ayahuasca, through Naysha and Taita Inti helped her heal through her grief. It gave her a new life with a renewed sense of purpose. Today, Au still reads and guides people individually in their ways of life and spirit. She still passionately brings people together for spiritual transformation and healing in her country through a pool of volunteers continuing the cause. And now, she aims to assist Naysha and Taita Inti in their pilgrimage of bringing Love and Light to people’s lives.

Intuitive & Spiritual Guide

Are you feeling lost, confused or anxious

about the uncertainties of your life? 

Do you want to know how to unblock

unforeseen challenges in your path?

Do you want to maximize the opportunities

& luck that lies ahead of you?



Born a natural intuitive and honed through time and experience, Mae gives accurate readings, meaningful insights,  and holistic perspectives such that to gain clarity to make well-rounded life decisions, have a sense of direction to transform  the  situation , and  understand the higher spiritual relevance of every  block, conflict or limitation. She uses a variety  of techniques and modalities that will best suit your need and benefit your current situation and desired outcome.


Mae gives clarity , direction,  & transformationin these key life areas: