Ayahuasca Ceremony



Ceremonies must be done in quiet and comfortable place, preferable very far from the city because Ayahuasca will amplify all your senses , every element around  will have an impact in the ceremony.

Taita Inti works with a maximum of participants per ceremony . For us is important that trough a small group everyone will  have the same benefits and dedication that  they deserver, quality before quantity.

•Ceremonies are done at night and the place is normally illuminated by candles. This is because the Ckakruna leaves brings light in the visions.   There are some ceremonies by day time but this needs previous experience and a special Ayahuasca.   

•Everybody is sitting in a circle and the shaman normally is looking to the door, is the way he/she can check no just people going out or inside the ceremonial place -to toilet for example- but also spirits .

•Ceremony starts by lighting a mapacho (a natural cigarette made it with tobacco plant), this ritual is for bless the four directions, north, south, east and west, end as well the medicine ( Ayahuasca) and call the good spirits from nature to take care of the ceremony circle. After the tea  is served  ,there is not a special measure of how much Ayahuasca a person takes, the shaman knows by reading the energy, so some people can drink more tea and some others less . It's also admissible to take more than two tea cups, if the participant needs and will be offer at the right time.

•After every participant had drunk the tea and also the shaman, then candles are turn off , and the ceremony is officially open.

•After  30 -40   minutes  , the tea  start  working  and the ikaros start .The shaman is singing during almost all the ceremony, not constantly, but when is need . It's trough this music that healing is  done . 

•The  ceremony  normally  last  between  4-6  hours , there is  not  rule for this either, is just an approximation, can be three or eight hours you never know every ceremony is unique. You will know when the ceremony is finished and candles going to be turn on again.

NOTE : TAITA INTI ceremonies  follow the traditional ways from Peru but also  integrate new techniques that are working very good with the participants and that we had tried first with ourselves.   

*Every participant should be interview on

AS A REQUIRER FOR their participation.