Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca Ceremony



Ceremonies must be done in quiet and comfortable place, preferable very far from the city because Ayahuasca will amplify all your senses , every element around  will have an impact in the ceremony.

Taita Inti works with a maximum of participants per ceremony . For us is important that trough a small group everyone will  have the same benefits and dedication that  they deserver, quality before quantity.

•Ceremonies are done at night and the place is normally illuminated by candles. This is because the Ckakruna leaves brings light in the visions.   There are some ceremonies by day time but this needs previous experience and a special Ayahuasca.   

•Everybody is sitting in a circle and the shaman normally is looking to the door, is the way he/she can check no just people going out or inside the ceremonial place -to toilet for example- but also spirits .

•Ceremony starts by lighting a mapacho (a natural cigarette made it with tobacco plant), this ritual is for bless the four directions, north, south, east and west, end as well the medicine ( Ayahuasca) and call the good spirits from nature to take care of the ceremony circle. After the tea  is served  ,there is not a special measure of how much Ayahuasca a person takes, the shaman knows by reading the energy, so some people can drink more tea and some others less . It's also admissible to take more than two tea cups, if the participant needs and will be offer at the right time.

•After every participant had drunk the tea and also the shaman, then candles are turn off , and the ceremony is officially open.

•After  30 -40   minutes  , the tea  start  working  and the ikaros start .The shaman is singing during almost all the ceremony, not constantly, but when is need . It's trough this music that healing is  done . READ MO RE ABOUT  HERE

•The  ceremony  normally  last  between  4-6  hours , there is  not  rule for this either, is just an approximation, can be three or eight hours you never know every ceremony is unique. You will know when the ceremony is finished and candles going to be turn on again.

NOTE : TAITA INTI ceremonies  follow the traditional ways from Peru but also  integrate new techniques that are working very good with the participants and that we had tried first with ourselves.   

*Every participant should be interview on

AS A REQUIRER FOR their participation.


Before attending a ceremony it is to have good information about what are you getting into, especially if you don’t have any experience with visionary plants. Ayahuasca is a tool for opening, cleaning, healing, transforming, diagnosing, revealing and learning. There are several such tools, so how can you know if Ayahuasca is the right tool for you? Ayahuasca is not a magic wand that will solve all your problems. It is very important that you have that understanding in advance so that you are not disappointed with what you get. The plants and the spirit world give you what you need, not what you want.

There are certain things to consider before attending a ceremony.

1. Do you qualify medically to be part of an Ayahuasca ceremony?

If you are taking medication like antidepressants, sleeping pills, antibiotics, or drugs like cocaine, heroin etc. it can be mortal in combination with Ayahuasca, not because of the Ayahuasca itself, but because these substances don’t go together.

It’s important that you consult your doctor so that you know how much time your body needs to be free of these chemicals in your blood. There are certain medications that you can avoid 48 hours before a ceremony, but it’s important you check. Chronic heart problems, hepatic and immune system problems should also be considered.

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2. Are you mentally ready?

Ayahuasca is not something to mess around with. It is not a recreational drug. It is a strong spirit that will open your perception to the reality. Such information can be difficult to handle for some people – it can blow your mind.

It’s very important that you do a ceremony with somebody that has experience working with this plant, like a shaman. If you have mental disorders it is important that you let the person in charge of the ceremony know, because depending on your problem the shaman can better know if Ayahuasca can help you or not.

Remember that most medications come from plants, some come from animals and some from minerals. Plants help us recover the balance in all senses, physically, mentally and emotionally, because they live in harmony. They are truly connected.

When you take such plants you open different portals. That is why the shaman does dietas as part of their training, because with the dietas they get spirit allies or friends that help them in ceremonies. A shaman also learns how to create a safe space and how to hold a ceremony.

Most shamans say that taking Ayahuasca without guidance is like going for a swim without knowing how to.

3. Have you tried other tools?

Before attending a ceremony, make sure that your problem can’t be solved in another way. Meditation, yoga and healthy lifestyle choices can help. Remember that you have all the potential to change your life within yourself.

The plants help us when we had tried, but can’t change or heal because our blocks are so big. If you feel that you have big blocks that do not allow you to feel or to open yourself to embrace change, then Ayahuasca is something that will really help you. But it is important that you are fully aware that one single ceremony won’t be enough.

Sometimes people do not feel or experience anything in the first ceremony, because the first ceremonies are mainly for purging and cleansing the body. It is very important that you do a diet before attending a ceremony, because this will help you clean your body a lot so that the Ayahuasca can work better.

You should also understand that Ayahuasca can help with certain problems, but not all. If the problems you are experiencing in your life come from emotional sources, then ceremonies will help you for sure. But if you want to heal a disease, then you need to take other plants. In that case Ayahuasca can be used to see what the root of the problem is, but because the problem has already manifest physically causing a disease, you will need to diet with other plants. You will also need time to heal. The shaman will know what other plants to do diets with, because in ceremony the spirit of the plants will let him/her know what help is needed.

4. Do you want to learn?

Ayahuasca is definitely a great source of information. It is how shamans manage to know about the healing properties of several plants, because Ayahuasca is a translator for other plants. We call it the Google of the spirits. Ayahuasca has learnt how to communicate with humans. She is the consciousness of the forest talking to us clearly.

Shamans learn about the healing properties of plants trough diets and ceremonies. In the diets the shamans connect with the spirit of the plant and in the ceremonies the plants show the shaman, much in the same way as having a conversation. They look like people, but different, and depending on which part of the plant you want to learn from the spirit appears different. Flowers are always shown as children and it is because they have the highest energy vibration. Roots and barks are shown as adults. They have skin colours and dress themselves with the plants. Chuchuwasa and tobacco spirit, for example, are black and can appear in a female or male energy. Plants have both energy inside, but sometimes one is stronger than the other. Usually the tobacco spirit shows as a black woman or an old man. In some traditions the stories about the first humans explain that they came from a tree and it was a woman. This can explain why the spirits of plants look like humans.

If we are conscious that we are all one, then we can understand that we can experience incarnation as plants, animals, humans and others things during our earth process, since everything that exists has a consciousness.

Ayahuasca help us make our unconscious conscious and through this process we can see, we become observers and thus can find the roots of our problems. With Ayahuasca you will experience death, a small spiritual death where your fears, your ego, your habits and your attachments must disappear so that you can be to reborn again as pure and clean as when you came the first time. Death in this sense only means transformation.

Taking Ayahuasca is a ceremony which begins with the preparation of the Ayahuasca. There are many details that people must know in order to achieve all the benefits of these plants. What do you know about Ayahuasca ceremonies? What you know about ikaros and diets? When the ceremony starts and the shaman starts singing the ikaros, the purging (vomiting) begins and after that come the visions. Visions of your light and your darkness. You will meet your fears, desires and wishes. If you want to grow, to evolve, you must confront them and accept the consequences.