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The experience I hade with Taitainti, was one of the toughest callenges of my life so far. It brougth me to the darkest places in my self, as well as places of ligth and Love. I had the privileges to get to know Naysha, Ales and the other wonderfull participants in the workshop. I feelt we were very much able to create a place for growth and nourishing of the soul. :) And I am extreamly greatfull for this opportunity.

- Kaspar 21 Norway-

A couple of week’s back I participated in 2 ceremonies and breathing exercises over a weekend together with Naysha and Ales. The experience was amazing. Having done a couple of ceremonies before, I found Naysha and Ales very knowledgeable. They are very open, carrying and they really help the participants to find ways to cure themself, and to have the best experience possible. IAlso, between ceremonies there was time for small talks and reflection. They helped me through the 2 ceremonies, and I am sure I will take part in more ceremonies with them, when the timing is right.


I can only with warmth and love, recommend Naysha and Ales to anyone who are thinking about participating in a ceremony. You will not regret it.


Love and Gratitude


-Dan, 34 Sweden.-

"In my most recent San Pedro with Naysha I experienced how alive and beautiful nature was. I was lucky enough to experience how different energies worked in my being. Naysha and Ales were professional from the beginning to end. She was very open about medicine and happily answered our questions. I was impressed with her modern view and understanding of shamanism, how the medince can serve together with other spiritual paths to reach the same goal, and her belief that it can be integrated outside of the traditional jungle setting. I would definitely have more ceremonies with Naysha in the future!" -

-Meng , Sweden- .

It was a beautiful expierence to work with father San Pedro. He is really pure Energy, the pure Sun, Taita Inti. I didn't just feel the Love, I know that Taita Inti and Pachamama loves us, everytime and for ever! We are their children and we have to remember this. And father San Pedro will show you this truth.

I walk the path of my Heart for many years, and last winter I met Naysha in South Germany for the ceremony. She is a special woman with a beautiful soul and a huge Heart.

She was guiding us in the ceremony to the middle of ourselves, to our Heart. Because we must learn to love us and then we will love all other...we are ONE...

I am grateful that Naysha came from Peru and that she helps us to remember our LOVE...

Thank you very much from bottom of my Heart, Naysha & Ales

You are Love & Light...

Robby from Germany :-)