San Pedro Ceremony


San Pedro ceremonies start early in the morning , normally you don't eat the night before and you won't feel hungry during the day, if you start to feel hungry is because the effects of the medicine is starting to dissappear.

Ceremonies can be also done at night , this kind of ceremonies are more introspective, day time ceremonies help to connect with the outside reality, understanding that everything is one thing and how we affect each other, we can acces the matrix of the creation.

The shaman serves everyone the preparation, this preparation can be fresh  liquid san pedro or san pedro in powder, depending where you are, in areas where is easy to grow , shamans always offer liquid san pedro.

When everybody is ready he / she opens the ceremony. Some shamans are really stricted and likes to be sit down in circles , and you can not move far from it. The other way wich I prefer better is that after open the ceremony you can choose an area in the place where you are . For this ceremony is really good to be in a open area such a big garden for example, , in the forest of near to water.

About music and singing , is different from shaman to shaman, some like to sing, others allow people to sing or play an instrument.

-Drums and a fire are part of TAITA INTI ceremonies.

How it works ?

- San Pedro works around 12 hours, you start to feel it work after 30 minutes if is liquid or 2 hours if the san pedro is in powder.

-The effects goes up , until middle day and then slowly goes down.

- Water mades the san pedro energie increase, if you go for a shower, after you will feel that suddenly is stronger.

-The fourth elements are interesting subject to explore during the ceremonies. Water, fire,wind , earth   are shapes of the same thing.

- To watch the sky its very beautiful thing to do in san pedro ceremonies.

Dossage :

- About the dosage. Its different from person to person , nothing to do with body size or weight, its all about sensitivity and energies level, this the shaman is reading while is serving the san pedro.

Why is not recommended to take it alone for the first time?

-The limbo effect, if you didn't take enough of the cactus preparation , you can get stuck in what I call the limbo effect, you don't feel normal but you don't feel enterily in the san pedro energy either, this is a very uncomfortable experience, that can be solve by taking more san pedro, but then again you will wait until this starts to work again and you will have more than 12 hours of san pedro effects.

To take to much san pedro will mean that you won't die but your experience will be very very intense. So poor you if you are alone and start to freak out , remember its 12 hours of ceremony. This is a very serious plant for take it alone.